We Serve 6 Core Industries

Experience Matters

Metal contract manufacturing services offered for laser cutting, bending, robotic welding, and in-house powder coating. With a focus on first-time-quality (FTQ), our Nevada based facility improves quality, produces fast, and will help you reduce shipping and lead times.

Furniture Industry

We began making furniture components for our brands like semiexact.com and diyhairpinlegs.com. This gives us a unique perspective on the quality, tolerances, and program requirements for the furniture industry.

We work with architects, designers, furniture companies, and end consumers to design and produce a variety of metal furniture fabrication and manufacturing projects.

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Controlled Environmental Agriculture (CEA)

Farming is changing, fast. We can help you rapidly deploy systems to grow and harvest profits with our extensive metal fabrication capabilities. We can bring your designs to life with in house engineering and prototyping processes.

Products we have fabricated recently:

  • Fan assemblies and brackets for air movement systems
  • Sheet metal ducting assemblies to attached to racks and vertical growing systems
  • Mounting plates and brackets for lighting for growing
  • Benches, carts and racks for vertical growing
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"Working with Semi Exact Manufacturing has been a blessing!..."
Jay Larking, DriFlower CEO

Consumer Products

Semi Exact Manufacturing has deep experience in designing, prototyping, manufacturing, and fulfilling home and garden, and consumer products.

Through our own consumer channel semiexact.com we manufacture made to measure items with minimum order quantity of 1 for tens of thousands of customers a year. Made and shipped in just weeks instead of months.

This hands-on experience sets us apart from other metal furniture manufacturers.

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We manufacture table bases, shelving, custom displays, and seating for the restaurant industry. Having served hundreds of restaurants through our consumer brand, we have expanded our custom metal manufacturing services for the restaurant industry.

Products we have fabricated recently include:

  • Metal Table Legs
  • Custom Table Bases
  • Shelving Systems
  • Racking for Beverages
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Hospitality & Events

Serving hotels, casinos, event producers, and entertainment venues we have deep experience in custom fabrication for your needs. From bedframes for hotels to seating and standing tables for event production companies, we have you covered.

Custom engineering, metal cutting, sheet metal and tube steel fabrication, and powder coating services all under one roof make it easy to bring your project to life.

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Aftermarket Automotive

As a precision sheet metal manufacturer we provide metal fabricated parts for aftermarket automotive OEMs. Our team has a number of overlanding enthusiasts and we know what it takes to provide quality automotive metal components and parts.

Our aftermarket automotive manufacturing includes engineering, metal cutting, metal bending, metal forming, metal sandblasting, metal welding, and metal powder coating services.

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Contract Manufacturing
Services Offered

Semi Exact has extensive sheet metal and tube steel CNC cutting experience from small components to complex assemblies. We work closely with our customers to provide cost analysis and strategies to create more value with less cost.

Our in-house Cincinatti laser allows us to quickly and accurately cut a variety of materials for your needs. Our plasma tube and pipe cutter easily cuts, and marks on tube and pipe.

Cincinnati CL-400 CO2 Laser Cutting
Dozens of Materials to Choose From
CNC Dragon A400 Plasma Tube Cutter

Semi Exact invests in the best bending and forming technology to provide you the best quality, on-time and in budget.

Our electric servo-driven vertical press brakes consist of 110 Tons of bending force to bend parts up to 120” in length.

Our Euromac Digibend has a CNC back-gauge as well as CNC programmable stroke to produce extremely accurate and repeatable bends in flat bar stock and sheet metal.

Vertical 110 Ton 120" Press Brake
Expert Press Brake Operators
45 Ton Horizontal Press Brake

Semi Exact uses both highly skilled manual welding techniques and robotic welding.

With a background in metal furniture fabrication, we have a eye on the details as well as the structural integrity of the welds.

Our robotic welding capabilities are perfect for medium to high volume production runs, where absolute consistency is key.

Highly Skilled Welders & Technicians
In-House Fixturing
Automated Robotic Welding for High Volumes

Semi Exact has in-house powder coating capabilities with multiple spray booths, guns and ovens.

When you need a durable, weather-resistant finish, powder coating is often the most cost effective and high quality option available for steel, aluminum and galvanized materials.

In-House Powder Coating for Faster Lead Times
Multiple Booths, Spray Guns, & Ovens
We Sandblast as a Pretreatment for the Best Quality

Semi Exact Manufacturing offers an in house engineering and design team to help you go from prototype to production.

Our team provides theoretical, practical, and applied experience to bring  your project to life on time, and in budget.

Metal Fabrication Engineering Experts
Engineering & Technology to Meet Your Needs
Welll Versed in DFMA to Reduce Costs & Improve Quality for Your Project

Our plasma tube and pipe cutter makes production time up to five times faster than with manual processes. The CNC automation minimizes errors in production and wasted time and materials.

This helps us ensure that square, rectangular, and round tube parts are weld ready immediately after cutting.

All of this means faster production, higher quality, and lower costs for your project.

Automated CNC plasma tube and pipe cutting.
Production times are up to 5x faster than manual processes and parts are weld ready immediately after cutting.
Fast, efficient, and cost-effective.

As an OEM through our direct to consumer service, Semi Exact Manufacturing has built extensive logistics experience and offers complete fulfillment services including private label packaging, kitting, pre-assembly, and drop-shipping for ongoing programs.

We've shipped 7,413+ orders in the past year and have daily pickups from all the major carriers. Each day our team kits and packs out custom sizes for parcel, pallet, LTL, and truckload shipments.

We offer complete fulfillment services.
Private label and brandless or branded packaging options are available.
Customized kitting and pre-assembly services.

A Bit About our Unique Reconfigurable Manufacturing System.

Our customers come to us when they believe they can solve a problem in the market or when the window of market opportunity is opening up quickly and they need a partner to rapidly respond.

To be a great manufacturing partner for you, we have built our manufacturing processes and team to provide quality products in a rapid manner and within budgetary constraints. That’s where our reconfigurable manufacturing system (RMS) comes into play.

The goal of an RMS is to provide:
If your manufacturing partner takes weeks to set up, requires high MOQ’s and can’t reconfigure quickly for the market changes, then you risk missing out.

Velocity of sales change, the product mix changes (quickly), seasonality matters, and the custom requirements for customers are real.

A distinguished professor from the University of Michigan, Yoram Koren, created the concept of a reconfigurable manufacturing system.

Koren definied six key characteristics of an RMS:
“Exactly the capacity and functionality needed, exactly when needed.”
Semi Exact Manufacturing has built a capability stack that can scale at both the systems level and the machine level. When the mix changes we can adapt, as our tooling is built to convert quickly.

For example, this means our welding fixtures produce multiple part numbers in the same part family, giving flexibility to the varying size requirements of your customers without materially increasing change over time.
As we design parts for laser cutting or bending, we create parametric models that can easily change based on mix.

 In order to facilitate customization at scale, we built our own MRP / MES software systems that run from order entry through fulfillment follow-up, ensuring quality throughout and adhering to our fundamentals of PDCA.

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Our Approach (PDCA)

First Time Quality.

We follow a Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle throughout our company. It's hardwired into our approach. From the production floor to customer service, sales and everything in betweeen.

The PDCA cycle is the backbone for our focus on first-time-quality off the production line for each product we produce. This means less rework, less waste, and lower costs for you.


Understand the problem to be addressed, its context, and root cause.

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Create and implement a solution. Test a small scale study.

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Review the test, confirm the results & identify what you've learned.

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Based on what you've learned, if the plan worked - take action and inform others about changes.

If the plan didn't work, repeat the PDC cycle again with a different plan.

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