"Our Belief System Guides Us."

Elton Rivas, CO-CEO
We care about our team, about our customers, and about the quality that we produce. Our team believes in continuous learning and has adopted the Toyota Way as our foundation for ongoing improvement. We are believers in the next phase of industry 4.0 and personalized production.

Our company began in ecommerce with our own facility making hairpin legs, on demand for customers daily. Over the decade, we've grown to offer over a hundred thousand variants that are made-to-order for consumers worldwide and shipped in just days or weeks instead of months. This personalized production process led us into a reconfigurable manufacturing system -out of necessity- to keep up with our own demand.

After years of producing products for our own brands (diyhairpinlegs.com, semiexact.com, and most recently, symmetry hardware), we decided to open up some of our manufacturing capabilities and capacity to a select few customers throughout the United States.

Our approach remains the same as day one, as does our belief system that guides us:
  • We believe we are all makers
  • Keep learning
  • Build community
  • Be adaptable. Be sustainable.
  • Focus on the long term
  • As God has asked us, we also always ask,
    "What is the loving thing to do?"
At the root of our approach lies a simple, yet difficult cycle called Plan, Do, Check, Act (PDCA). This approach keeps us grounded in continuous improvement throughout our company and with your project.

Our team runs two shifts Monday-Friday, providing you with the capacity needed for your project.

We look forward to working with you.

Plan. Do. Check. Act

The first step in the PDCA process is to plan. This phase ensures that we understand the problem that needs to be addressed, any background and context that's important, and the root cause/issue that we're trying to solve.
Before digging into the full cycle of something new, we test. Testing on a small scale and taking action to solve the problem or achieve the target outcome (a new product design, a lower cost product design, etc.) allows us to rapidly move through quality improvements as we onboard new projects and work through ongoing production.
Once we've completed the small initial test, we'll review what we've learned. Did we achieve what we wanted? Did something else happen because of the new approach? Did it fail entirely or go backwards in cost, quality or speed of delivery? This phase is critical to ensure that we're on track with each new iterative development.
After confirming results from checking, if the desired results weren't achieved, we'll go back through the Plan, Do, Check process. If the desired results were achieved, then we move on to taking action and scaling the new process to ensure it is upheld.
In the Past Year...

Our team has done a lot!

Unique Designs Produced
Including table legs, vertical growing assemblies, fan boxes, restaurant tables, shelving, beds, seating, custom confidential parts and more.
Products Shipped
Our team is proud of the fact that our defect rate is less than 0.87% throughout all these products shipped in the last year.
Total Orders Shipped
This breaks down to over 615 orders a month shipped out to customers around the world....and growing!
We Want to Work With Good People

Just like you.

We love working with good people, don't you?

That's why when we first evaluate a customer's project with you, we want to be sure it's a good fit. Not all projects are a great fit and that's ok.

Let's talk about your project needs and see how we can help.

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