Powder Coating

Semi Exact has in-house powder coating capabilities with multiple spray booths, guns and ovens.

When you need a durable, weather-resistant finish, powder coating is often the most cost-effective and high quality option available for steel, aluminum and galvanized materials.
In-House Powder Coating

Our in-house powder coating solutions allow us to produce products faster for you.

Powder coating provides a strong, durable, chip-resistant, high quality finish for your metal parts.

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Multiple Booths, Spray Guns & Ovens

We operate two shifts, have multiple spray booths, multiple ovens and focus on a quality finish throughout the process. All of our parts are sandblasted, which provides the best surface for powder coating metal parts.

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Powder Coating

If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to paint metal parts, powder coating could be your answer.

Powder coating is a method of applying paint to metal parts or components that allows for high-quality, durable finishes while reducing labor costs and improving efficiency over traditional spray finishing methods.
Powder Coating Overview

Powder coating uses polymer resins applied to metals with an electrostatic spray gun. Once the powder is applied, it is cured in an oven to provide an even and durable finish.

Powder suppliers provide the cure temperatures and times required for optimum finish performance. Often the temperature is around 400 degrees.

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Pre-Treatment: Sandblasting

Pretreating the material through mechanical or chemical methods such as sandblasting or phosphatizing is critical to powder adhesion. We use sandblasting as the preferred method of stripping away any existing corrosion and for cleaning, degreasing, and preparing the metal surface for quality powder coating.

Spraying Powder

Applying the powder to the material with an electrostatic spray deposition gun. 

Curing the Powder

Curing the powder in an oven for up to 40 mins at 400 degrees to create a weather-resistant adhesion. 

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In-House Powder Coating

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