Metal Goods for Consumers, Home & Garden

Consumer Products

Semi Exact Manufacturing has deep experience in designing, prototyping, manufacturing, and fulfilling consumer products.

Through our own consumer channel,, we manufacture made to measure items with minimum order quantity of one for tens of thousands of customers a year. Made and shipped in just weeks, not months.

This hands-on experience sets us apart from other metal furniture manufacturers.
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Consumer Furniture

Semi Exact Manufacturing brings deep experience in designing, prototyping, launching and manufacturing both made-to-measure and high volume production runs of consumer furniture.

If you have consumer furniture that includes metal components, we can help with design, production, and fulfillment.

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Home & Garden

As the home and garden sector continues to grow in the United States, we are in the game.

Our experience includes planter boxes, outdoor gondola components, outdoor garden accessories, separator panels for outdoor living spaces and much more.

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Engineering for Consumer Goods

Generally, we find that value-added engineering for consumer goods is found through creating the process by which components will be assembled.
Our core consumer business designs, manufactures and distributes ready to make furniture components, giving us a leg up in the consumer goods market.

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