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Furniture Industry

Semi Exact Manufacturing is a division of Semi Exact, a direct-to-consumer furniture company that makes it easy for anyone to make their own furniture. We understand OEM needs having designed, developed, and manufactured hundreds of thousands of our own furniture components and kits.

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Furniture Components & Legs

Semi Exact Manufacturing has extensive experience with manufacturing all sorts of metal furniture components and table legs.

From tube steel to custom cut, formed, welded and powder coated sheet metal, our experienced team can produce consumer-quality furniture components and table legs with precision-level tolerances.

Consumer-Grade Quality

As an OEM of direct-to-consumer furniture components and kits ourselves, we know what it takes to have a happy end user.

Our team focused on first-time-quality throughout our approach from engineering to fulfillment. This allows you to rest assured that your metal furniture contract manufacturing needs will be met time and time again.

Deep Experience

Of all the industries that we serve, we have the deepest experience in furniture. We operate our own direct-to-consumer brand (Semi Exact) and have shipped hundreds of thousands of metal furniture components directly to consumers worldwide.

Rest assured, you can rely on our experience for your next project.

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