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As a precision sheet metal manufacturer, we provide metal fabricated parts for aftermarket automotive OEMs. Our team has a number of overlanding enthusiasts and we know what it takes to provide quality automotive metal components and parts.

Our aftermarket automotive metal manufacturing services include engineering, metal cutting, metal bending and forming, metal sandblasting, metal welding, and powder coating. Our experienced engineers are ready to help you with your idea or product design.

We provide many different types of metal- including aluminum, carbon steel and stainless steel.

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Overlanding Bumpers

We manufacture metal components for aftermarket overlanding bumpers and have the ability to produce full units.

With our precision cutting and meticulous welding techniques, we can manufacture the metal components you are looking for with the highest quality made in the USA.

Automotive Roof Racks

Aftermarket automotive roof racks require strength, precision cutting, and precision welding.

Our experienced team of metal fabricators specialize in designing, manufacturing, and fulfilling OEM quality products to customers nationwide. Made in the USA of recycled steel and aluminum.

Automotive Metal Components

Have a specific metal component that needs sheet metal, flat metal, tube steel cutting, welding and powder coating?

We have you covered. Let us know what you need and we'll get you a quote right away.

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