Controlled Environmental Agriculture

Farming is changing, fast.

Semi Exact Manufacturing can help you rapidly deploy systems to grow and harvest profits with our extensive metal fabrication capabilities. 

Often indoor growing facilities need to use metals that are powder coated to protect against corrosion. Our in-house powder coating capabilities provide high quality, durable finishes with short lead times. 

We can bring your designs to life with in-house engineering and prototyping processes. 
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Fan Assemblies & Ducting Systems

Many fan assemblies, brackets and ducting systems for air movement are made up of metal components and parts.

We have deep experience with the tolerance requirements for intricate assemblies that attach to racks or vertical growing systems and can fulfill direct to your end-customer or assembly operation.

Mounting Plates & Brackets

Finding the right partner to cut, bend, form, and powder coat mounting plates and brackets for lighting and vertical growing can be a challenge.

Semi Exact Manufacturing offers all of these manufacturing services under one roof - making it easy for us to complete your next vertical growing project.

Benches, Carts & Racks

Looking for full benches, carts, and racks for vertical growing? We have you covered.

With experience in each of the components and the assembly requirements, we make it easy for you to get orders produced and shipped on time and in budget.

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