10,000 Parts Delivered On Time & Under Budget.

DriFlower needed to expand its supply chain for higher volume orders with shorter lead teams and turned to Semi Exact for...

Highly Detailed Precision Aluminum Laser Cutting, Deburring, Graining, Quality Confirmation, Fulfillment
July '22

10,000 Pcs
100+ Sheets of Aluminum,
20,000 bends,
Variable shipment quantities and locations


DriFlower’s lead times  started to go past their end customers requirements. They reached out to Semi Exact Manufacturing to discuss a project for handling the medium to high volume runs helping reduce lead times and get back on track with their growth plans.


There was one big challenge…

DriFlower needed the parts to match their other supplier’s items but the other supplier wasn’t making parts to the drawing’s specifications or tolerances.

Semi Exact Manufacturing’s team reverse engineered the parts,  as-built, and procured the needed tooling to match the other supplier’s parts. This was critical, otherwise the parts wouldn’t fit together properly in use.


The parts were relatively simple, but the aesthetic and quality expectations were high.

All edges had to be free from burs, grained and bent precisely to set within each other. We were ready for the challenge.

When producing thousands of pieces, quality can get off track in a hurry, causing re-work, delays and ultimately increasing cost to the customer.

It’s critical to have a quality process in place that scales with variable volumes and tolerances. Every operator at Semi Exact Manufacturing is trained on the standard operating procedures for the processes they are running. This includes the quality inspection frequency, tolerances and critical dimensions.


1. Laser Cutting
2. Graining
3. Bending
4. Packaging
5. Fulfillment


DriFlower had orders that needed to be fulfilled as soon as possible. We packaged up the parts and shipped the orders directly to their end customer. With our full suite of fulfillment services, we were able to warehouse, crate and ship on demand as orders come in.

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